The Skyspace

The Skyspace, located in the Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting at 20 E. Mermaid Lane in Philadelphia, is open to the public for scheduled viewings. Seating is limited.


Individual Registration: To make reservations, and to check the days and times the Skyspace will be open, visit our TicketLeap online registration system.

Group Registration: If registering for a group, visit our TicketLeap online registration system and please be sure to indicate the total number in your party. Each individual in your group does not need to register separately. Private openings for large groups can be arranged.

The Skyspace

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Plan your visit

The viewing schedule varies with the seasons. It expands during the warmer months when temperature and weather are more favorable. During Daylight Saving Time, the Skyspace opens, weather permitting, on:

  • Sunday evenings
  • First Friday evenings
  • First Sundays for dawn

Evening viewings begin at sunset and last 50 minutes. For the morning openings, Turrell created a different lighting experience going from dark to light; the sunrise openings begin 50 minutes before sunrise and end at sunrise. Plan to arrive at least 10 minutes before the viewing begins. You can find sunrise and sunset times here. While we are still under COVID-restricted capacity, we are charging for tickets. The Skyspace is operated by volunteers.

The Skyspace retractable roof will NOT be opened if weather conditions are unfavorable. Specifically if there is risk of precipitation, temperature below 40°F, snow on the roof, or high winds. Check the weather forecast for zip code 19118. A 20-minute closed roof light sequence is presented if the roof can’t be opened.

Comfort: Visitors are welcome to lie down on the benches but they should not put their feet on the them. Visitors are encouraged to bring a yoga mat, and a pillow to cushion their heads and support their shoulders.

Attire: When the Skyspace is open, the meeting room is open to the sky and unheated. Please dress appropriately for the outside weather and consider bringing blankets in cold weather.

Transportation: The meetinghouse is located at 20 E. Mermaid Lane. Parking is available on the site or nearby. Bike racks are available to the left of the building. For public transit, use the #23 SEPTA bus; the L SEPTA bus; the SEPTA Chestnut Hill East line’s Wyndmoor station (three-block walk); or the SEPTA Chestnut Hill West line’s St. Martin’s station (one-mile walk).

During the Viewing: Because many people find that silence is a part of a Skyspace experience, we ask that you turn off all mobile devices during the viewing. Photography, food and beverages are not permitted in the meeting room where the Skyspace is located.

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