2019 James Turrell Lecture: How to sell a hole in the roof

Hiram Butler

On Wednesday, February 6, Hiram Butler, James Turrell’s long-time friend and agent, will talk about how James Turrell’s brilliant ideas are made real – from the epic Roden Crater to the intimate Chestnut Hill Skyspace. Hiram, a native Texan who helped build Houston’s Live Oak Friends Meeting with a Skyspace, introduced Chestnut Hill Quakers to Turrell and helped guide the process over the thirteen years it took to build their new building with its Skyspace in the worship room. He will have slides and answer questions.

Hiram’s contemporary art gallery in Houston, founded in 1984, has represented many of the art world’s greatest artists. He graduated from the University of Texas and Williams College, worked at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, and has brought sacred spaces by Jennifer Bartlett and Ellsworth Kelly to public life.

To buy a ticket to this lecture, click to visit the registration page. The lecture begins at 7:00pm.


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