Sunday Worship Services

All are welcome to attend the Chestnut Hill Friends meeting for worship, which occurs every Sunday at 10:30 am in the meeting room. Children worship with the adults for the first 15 minutes, then leave for lessons on Quakerism, Quaker values, the Bible and other spiritual traditions. As the children leave the meeting room, latecomers enter and join worship. The Skyspace will not be opened during meeting for worship.

Announcements, which follow our weekly Sunday worship services. Photo credit: Terry Foss.

Announcements, which follow our weekly Sunday worship services. Photo credit: Terry Foss.

What is Quaker Meeting for Worship? 

In Quaker meeting for worship, Friends step back from the busy world and open themselves to the eternal Spirit, which everyone can experience directly and in their own way. Sitting together in silence, worshipers seek communion with the Divine and with one another. Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting members and visitors, called “attenders”, all of whom come from many faith backgrounds, experience the Spirit variously as God, Christ, the Inner Light or Love. Friends believe this Divine force is available to all people at all times.

As meeting for worship begins, those present settle into silence. The silence is broken when a worshiper feels moved to stand and speak, reflecting on a spiritual experience. Quakers call these spoken words “messages.” Silence follows each message as Friends reflect on what has been said. Other messages may follow the first. Whether deeply silent or filled with messages, our hope is that our worship will be a time when all share the powerful experience of spiritual connection we call a “gathered” meeting.

After about an hour, those present are asked, still in the spirit of worship, if they wish to share brief joys or sorrows. The service is then closed with handshakes all around. Visitors are welcomed and announcements are shared.

For more information check out the Meeting’s website.