2017 Turrell Skyspace Openings Begin Sunday, March 12

The first Skyspace opening of our new season is a dawn opening at the luxuriously late start time of 6:26am on Sunday, March 12! That’s 50 minutes before sunrise (at 7:16am). If you’ve never been to a dawn Skyspace opening, you owe yourself this treat to start your Sunday sublimely. But if you oversleep you have another chance Sunday evening, when the Skyspace opening starts at 7:04pm (and runs for 50 minutes). Please register for either of these, or for any future openings, on our Brown Paper Tickets page; click Register for the drop-down list of dates and times, now complete through spring and summer.

Special Dawn Opening on Easter Sunday (April 16)

Our pattern for dawn openings is usually First Sundays, 50 minutes before dawn. We’re breaking that pattern in April for a dawn opening at 5:32am on the Second Sunday because it’s Easter Sunday. As always, register on our Brown Paper Tickets page to let us know you’re coming. The other openings in April follow the normal pattern (First Friday evening; every Sunday evening).

And of course we always remind you that whether we open the roof or not depends on the weather, specifically precipitation and temperature. Any likelihood of precipitation greater than 10% or an outdoor temperature below 40ºF means that we run James Turrell’s beautiful “closed loop” instead.

We look forward to seeing you at Skyspace openings this spring and summer. And please, forward this message to a friend who has never experienced our Skyspace!

The Chestnut Hill Skyspace Committee


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