2019 James Turrell Lecture: How to sell a hole in the roof

On Wednesday, February 6, Hiram Butler, James Turrell’s long-time friend and agent, will talk about how James Turrell’s brilliant ideas are made real – from the epic Roden Crater to the intimate Chestnut Hill Skyspace. Hiram, a native Texan who helped build Houston’s Live Oak Friends Meeting with a Skyspace, introduced Chestnut Hill Quakers to Turrell and helped guide the process over the thirteen years it took to build their new building with its Skyspace in the worship room. He will have slides and answer questions.
Hiram Butler
Hiram’s contemporary art gallery in Houston, founded in 1984, has represented many of the art world’s greatest artists. He graduated from the University of Texas and Williams College, worked at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, and has brought sacred spaces by Jennifer Bartlett and Ellsworth Kelly to public life.

To buy a ticket to this lecture, click to visit the registration page. The lecture begins at 7:00pm.

Latest James Turrell news

Suddenly James Turrell, creator of the Skyspace at Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting, is in the news a lot. Below are a link to new developments at his Skyspace at PS1 and downloads of two articles about his Roden Crater project in the Arizona desert.

Article from Hyperallergic.com about a Skyspace disruption at PS1: James Turrell’s Famous MoMA PS1 Skyspace Interrupted by Neighboring Luxury Condo Development. If there were ever to be development on a property adjacent to ours, we would be concerned about building height that affected our Skyspace.

Kanye West makes $10 million donation to Roden Crater project after visiting. (Download PDF of this Wall Street Journal article)

WSJ article about the history and future of Turrell’s Roden Crater project (download PDF)

2018 Skyspace Lecture: “Jim Turrell, Me, and the Aerial View”

Turrell and Burko about to look for craters in Arizona; 1970s.

YOU ARE INVITED! Please join us to hear Diane Burko speak at Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting at 7:30 PM on Tuesday, February 6 at 20 E. Mermaid Lane. Our annual mid-winter lecture is titled “Jim Turrell, Me and the Aerial View.” The event is free but donations will be gratefully accepted at the door. Invite a friend!

Diane Burko's book cover

The cover of Diane Burko’s book about her work.
Click the image to visit the book’s website.

In the 1970s, renowned Philadelphia environmental artist Diane Burko flew around Arizona with James Turrell as he was scouting land for his monumental Rodin Crater installation. The aerial views inspired Burko’s own work which has concentrated on seeing, painting and photographing the earth’s changing climate from above.

Burko collaborates with scientists, using their data and bearing witness by traveling to the world’s largest ice fields in Greenland, Antarctica, Patagonia and Alaska as well as exploring melting glaciers in New Zealand’s southern alps. Many of her canvases are aerial views, a perspective she first discovered flying with Skyspace creator James Turrell.

Burko’s depictions of glaciers and other land masses form the core of her work, which has been exhibited in over 100 painting and photography shows throughout the country. Most recently she was studying underwater reefs in Hawaii when she experienced the false nuclear missile warning! Through slides of her adventures and her paintings, she will talk about her work, her passion for art and for the environment. She will also sell and sign copies of her recent book, Glacial Shifts, Changing Perspectives — Bearing Witness to Climate Change.

You don’t need to register in advance to attend. Donations will be gladly accepted at the door to help maintain the Skyspace.

How the Guggenheim Built the Cone Structure for James Turrell’s Aten Reign


Check out the video on curiosity.com featuring Turrell’s Aten Reign:


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